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An online community by the Baylor Line Foundation.

The Voices™ Community

Alone, we can go fast.
Together, we can go far.

What is Voices™?

Voices™ is an online community created by the Baylor Line Foundation. It’s designed for members of the Baylor Family who want to stay connected with others and stay engaged with the work ahead for all of us. We have been the voice of the Baylor Family since 1859 and we are excited to continue that tradition through The Voices™ Community.

For now, Voices™ is also a community to connect Bears in these uncertain and challenging times of the global Coronavirus pandemic. The Baylor Line Foundation wants to help you, your family, and the Baylor Family as a whole through our community and specialized resources. This is space for you to talk through your fears and lean into other Bears for support. Technology has made the world a lot smaller and it is our privilege to use it for your health, safety, and service. Together, we are the voices of the Baylor Family. Together, we can protect, heal, and serve the world better.

This challenge is temporary but the Baylor Family is constant.

What's Inside?

Your membership to Voices™ includes:

  • A passionate community of Baylor Family members from across all generations
  • Exclusive, live online events to go deeper with Baylor Line magazine content
  • Access to members-only content, like live interview series and private podcasts
  • A direct networking atmosphere for employers looking to hire fellow Bears (or Bears looking for a new career opportunity)
  • A new home for the much-celebrated Down The Years column

Apply to Join Today!

If you are not yet a member of Voices™, you can request an invite. Membership is open to all Baylor Family members. To receive an invitation, please apply to join and one of our team members will review your application before sending out an invite link to your email. We can't wait to meet you!

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